External Transfer


Agreement 025 of 2007 Undergraduate Student Regulations

“Art 2 Admission: By transferring

Agreement 007 of 2006

Art 5. EXTERNAL TRANSFER. For Registration by external transfer, applicants should certify that:

a. They studied and passed at least two (2) periods in an academic program at another higher education institution duly recognized and approved by the State;

b. a weighted average, not lesser than 35 points or the equivalent;

c. a personal history profile.

Art 6. The University will begin the study of the transfer request based on the following documents:

a. Registration data according to the procedure established by the University.

b. Deposit receipt for the value of the registration, according to the procedure defined for each period.

c. Certificate of personal history profile, issued by the institution of higher education where he/she comes from.

d. Certification of marks no longer than two months, and corresponding to at least two (2) periods.

e. A certified copy of the analytical programs of the courses taken including weekly hourly load, duly signed and stamped on each sheet by the responsible authority.

f. Proof of approval resolution or official registration of the origin program.