Internal Transfer


It is a transfer to a curricular program other than that current one by any regular undergraduate student of the UPN who has also passed at least two (2) semesters.

Someone who is enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs of the University but decides to move to another can be changed just once to any other curricular program.

A change of program is authorized taking into account the following requirements:

Paragraph: The program change will not be granted to any student who has started the deepening cycle.

For this process the student should meet the following requirements:

  • To be duly enrolled.
  • To print and fill out the internal transfer form and submit it to the Department where you wish to enter, attaching the current marks of the current program you are studying.

The Director of the Department of the program where you want to enter will do the completion of the format and forward the opinion to the Sub-Directorate of Admissions and Registration (SAR), attaching the respective approvals. After the application approved, the SAR will inform the student of the new code assigned. Otherwise, he/she will be notified in a timely manner.